Lost and Found


It’s been a busy few months…well, looking at my last audiobook post, it’s more like a busy year!

My latest release is the humerous female sleuth and private investigator murder mystery novel, Lost and Found by JL Simpson

Book covers

What was difficult about this book for me was, the fact that it’s the second book in a series of which I did not narrate the first. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s received by the listeners of the first. Fingers crossed they will accept me taking over the series – if not hopefully I can win them round!


If you find yourself on my audible page, feel free to check out the two audiobooks released before Lost and Found –

The Runaway Wife by Dee MacDonald

Handcuffs, Truncheon and A Polyester Thong by Gina Kirkham

Book covers                 images

These excellently written, fab stories well and truly tested my ability when it came to accents :-] Phew! Both of these were funny yet often very poignant and a sheer joy to narrate. Check them out!


Due for release very soon is the brilliant crime thriller, The Birthday by Carol Wyer

The Birthday cover art


Look out for this one – it’s a nail biting, can’t put down kind of book, well worth the read/listen.


So those are my latest releases. I’m currently in production with a good old fantasy (I do love to narrate a Fantasy novel!) There’s DRAGONS!!!! I shall say no more…

The Dragon Cagers by Lilian Oake

download (2)

AND…..I’m very excited to have entered the world of video game voice acting! Oh my god, this work is a huge amount of fun! I’m currently in production with a Ubisoft game (yes, the big boys that brought you Assassins Creed!!) however I am currently under strict instruction not to say anything on social media etc. NDA time! I CANNOT wait for it to be released (next year) so I can talk about it!!!!


Anyway, if you fancy a promotional code for any of my latest releases in exchange for a wee review, please let me know x


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